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Welcome to Pocket Hair Studio

A Secret Sanctuary....

About Us

What's In Your Pocket?

Pocket Hair Studio is a hidden, bespoke, solo operator salon, where you get personal, one on one appointments, from a stylist with over 25 years industry experience behind them. No crowded work floors, loud pumping music, or being handed from one staff member to the next for each part of your appointment, and no feeling like you’re in a fishbowl while foot traffic walks past staring at you. Enter through a discreet door, up a hidden path, into a relaxing oasis with just one skilled professional taking care of all your needs from start to finish.

With the salon open late almost every night of the week, something of a rarity itself, you’ll never be able to do a regular salon again!

Personal. Perfect. Pocket...


Pocket Hair Studio Services

Here at the Studio we provide an in depth personal consultation for every client, working with hair types to enhance face shapes, compliment personal style, and celebrate character. While mindful of fashions, we don’t believe in following trends, or getting swept away with the latest fad. We personally think that the best ‘do’, is simply you doing you.  
Peruse the menu below for the wide range of treatments and special pampering options available that help us achieve this.

At the hairdresser’s


We love using carefully considered placement and/or multidimension shades, to either create impact or subtly enhance, with an aim to attain colours that best suit your natural skin and eye tones.
In the case of those not ready for the silver that's making an appearance, we can take you "back to natural" with a look that nature will envy.


This is one of our most popular services. Known not only for a fantastic blow out, but also for our easy to understand step-by-step instructions on how to maintain, or achieve, a look yourself at home.
We've even been known to offer a "lesson session" to the occasional client who has personally struggled to achieve a styling look they desire!


A great haircuts power cannot be underestimated. It can transform how others perceive you, and how you perceive yourself. With no two clients sharing the same hair, look, lifestyle or personal styling skills, each cut demands its own unique approach. With an innate understanding of this, we tailor creations that ensure ease of management beyond the salon chair.

Price List

Loyalty Should Be Rewarded

Here at Pocket we not only value loyalty, we believe it should be rewarded. That's why rather than offering discounts to new clients, we prefer giving them to those that stay with us. For this reason, following two years of regular paid visits at 8 weeks or less, you will become a Foundation Client, and will permanently receive a concession off all listed prices while you remain with us thereafter.


Extra long, thick or difficult hair will incur a surcharge

  • Long  $165

  • Medium  $145

  • Short  $125

  • Regrowth (8 weeks or less) $115

  • Men's/Extra Short $95

  • 1/2 Head $95

  • T-Section  $75

  • Gloss Ends Refresh $55

  • Colour Correction POA


Bleached foils will require a toner

  • Part Line Foils  $125

  • 1/3 Head Foils  $150

  • 1/2 Head Foils  $200

  • Full Head Foils  $300

  • Balayage POA

  • Toner/Toner Refresh  $55


We're famous for making you look famous!

  • Superior Dry Off $45

  • No Wash BW/GHD Iron $55

  • Short BW $65

  • Medium BW $75

  • Long BW $85

  • Extra Long/Thick/Curly $95

  • Add Irons After Dry $30


Types of cuts are gendered in title only, any client can request them

  • Clipper Cut $50

  • Men's Combo Cut  $75

  • Men's Scissor Cut  $95

  • Under 5 Kids $55

  • Under 12 Boys $65

  • Under 12 Girls  $90

  • Women's Cut Short $110

  • Women's Cut Medium $140

  • Women's Cut Long/Restyle $160


Keratin treatments are best done before, rather than after colour services.

  • Keratin T-Section  $100

  • Keratin 1/4  $190

  • Keratin 1/2  $225

  • Keratin Short  $295

  • Keratin Medium  $345

  • Keratin Long  $395

  • Bhave Rescue Treatment  $65

  • Heat Treatment  $45

  • Deep Treatment  $35

  • Basin Treatment  $25

If you’re unsure what to book, or you’re looking for a specific style or treatment, you can always contact us directly to discuss what would work best. 

All consultations are free of charge.

Fringe trims are complimentary for salon clients.

Prices are subject to change without notice. 
Prices quoted are subject to quality and quantity of hair on arrival.


Opening Hours

Indulge Yourself

Mon:  4pm - 9pm

Tues:  12pm - 9pm

Wed:  12pm - 9pm

Thurs:  12pm - 9pm

Fri:  12pm - 9pm

Sat: Closed

Sun: Closed

Weekend Special Event Bookings Available on Request


Justin has been my hairdresser for over 20 years now, and I still love going to his salon for my appointments. In all that time, he has been colouring my hair and keeping it healthy at the same time. He knows me so well that he understands what I need with my hair, and over the years, when I've needed a change, I have loved all his suggestions. He’s also been particularly good at pointing out why one of my own ideas might not be so good, and he’s always been right! His salon is beautifully decorated, I always feel very well looked after, and I love our chats! I can highly recommend Justin for both cuts and colour, as well as for simply being a wonderful person to know.

Felicity Russel


Policies of Pocket


Bridal & Wedding parties, bookings exceeding 4 hours, or clients with No Shows in their history require a 50% deposit and are non-refundable in the event of cancellation with less than 7 days notice. Otherwise any deposit will be credited towards the cost of your total service. For all other bookings, see below.

We understand sometimes life takes us by surprise, but where possible, we respectfully request *at least 2 business days* notice for cancellations or rescheduling. (Eg: Mon/Tue appointments must be cancelled *before* Thurs/Fri respectively, as the business is closed weekends and the phones unmanned)

As a solo operator salon, your appointment is important to us and the entire studio is reserved for you. If you cancel your appointment last minute or simply forget, we miss the opportunity to offer it to other clients who are on a waiting list. 

Because of this, a cancellation fee the greater of $50 or 50% of the service value will apply for appointments cancelled with less than 48 business hours’ notice, or 100% of the service value for failure to attend as a No Show.  


If you are running late, please call and let us know, so we may attempt to accommodate you. Failure to call when you are 15 minutes or more late to an appointment will be considered a No Show, forfeit your appointment and be charged accordingly. 

Double service bookings that have one of the services dropped within the 48 business hour minimum are considered a last minute cancellation and charged accordingly.

Get in Touch

Pocket Hair Studio is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out and text or call us today.

0477 557 443

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